Diane Manjeet

Welcome to Shine on Yoga!

I first became interested in yoga as a way to relieve the effects that years of worry and stress had on my body. I was overweight, had anxiety, and was very unhappy in my life. As I continued to practice yoga, I began to notice that at the end of each class I felt deep relaxation and a sense of peace. In 2010, I experienced radical changes in my physical health, mental outlook and spiritual exploration as I started to practice Kundalini Yoga. I quickly began to notice a profound sense of transformation in my body and in my life. I experienced not only a new sense of being at peace with myself and others, but also a tremendous feeling of inner strength and confidence! I realized that it is through being peaceful, that I could access this amazing inner strength and power over my constant thoughts and worries. I started Shine on Yoga with a passion to make yoga accessible to all people, regardless of their current circumstances.
I blend my wisdom from years teaching children, working for Community Living , and Hospice, with my healing modalities and Yoga Training. I teach with compassion and humor to help students journey on a path to a deeper experience of themselves, and empower them to live their best lives, to their full potential.
I am eternally grateful to all teachers who have inspired me, and to all the students who have blessed me with the opportunity to share the teachings of yoga, you are my greatest teacher.

Infinite Love, Diane Manjeet