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Welcome! Shine on Yoga has allowed me to live my passion of making Yoga accessible to all people, regardless of their current circumstances. Before I became a yoga teacher I worked as a P.S.W in the Brain Injury program with Community Living, and with Hospice in B.C and Niagara. I have been practicing yoga for 12 years, and I am a certified Yoga & Meditation teacher, and a member of Yoga AllianceEach class is unique and takes you beyond the physical aspects of yoga, and into your own sacred space, so you may connect deeply with yourself. Together we will cultivate the art of being present, with body awareness and conscious breath.  My hope is that you open yourself to all possibilities, and that through the practice of yoga and meditation, you will uncover awareness of your true self. May the teachings you experience on your yoga mat permeate into your daily life, and bring improved health and a greater sense of purpose, peace and joy.  Namaste, Sat Nam, Om Shanti        -Diane Manjeet 


LYNN L:  I have been practicing yoga for many years and have been to many classes and had many teachers along the way. I came across Diane's name online as I was looking to try out Kundalini yoga. The wonderful atmosphere and the obvious love of yoga was apparent from the first moment I met her. I love the fact that she teaches proper alignment and gives great tips on how things should feel to be safe and give the practitioner the most benefit. I am in a health care profession and I have referred some clients to her as I feel they will have excellent yoga training from Diane.

LORETTA P: Yoga practice with Manjeet is not like a class but rather an experience which touches mind, body and spirit for an overall sense of well-being when completed. Experience it for yourself, you will be grateful you did.

JIMI R: I am thankful that I finally got around to doing a yoga practice. I never thought it would change my life the way that it has. Kundalini yoga has everything that I never knew I wanted or needed. Diane (Manjeet) is the most incredible yoga teacher that I've ever met. The body of knowledge this woman has of all aspects of Yoga is truly astounding.It's easy to see that this person truly lives the yoga lifestyle to the nth degree. I can't imagine a better calling in life for Manjeet than teaching yoga. Her voice is soothing yet reassuring .I can't imagine not taking classes with Manjeet. Thank you & Namaste. Let us go with ease, grace & Gratitude.

SUSAN A: Manjeet's class are welcoming and uplifting... physically challenging and relaxing... the mantras are fabulous...check it out...

MARIE L: Manjeet offers a variety of classes and activities. She makes her students feel at ease while encouraging them to reach for more. Her knowledge of the human anatomy in correlation with yoga is outstanding. It is a pleasure to practice under her!

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